The Hungarian Mass Ventilator System Is On The Way

With the strategic cooperation of MEDICOR Zrt., the University of Óbuda, and the inventors, the development of the MASSVENTIL® mass ventilator system has entered a new phase. Thanks to the agreement, the board model of the world-new mass ventilator system developed at the university will be further developed into a medical prototype and a product approved for commercial distribution.

The MASSVENTIL® invention is unique in that it can ventilate up to 20-25 or even more people at a time in a customized manner. By draining and filtering the exhaled virus, it provides a high level of protection for the medical staff, and it can be quickly installed and operated even outside a hospital, in ad hoc camps and halls.

This COVID-19 innovation project was born from the collaboration of civil, industrial, academic, and public sectors, and its cross-sectoral and transnational community has made an alliance to save lives. The development of the mass ventilation system started as a civil initiative under the leadership of the inventor Prof. Dr. Miklós Kozlovszky, with the help of selfless volunteer professionals, as well as domestic and international companies and institutions. The University of Óbuda embraced the initiative, provided location, infrastructure, and experts for the project, so as a result of the collaboration and with the financial support of the National Office for Research, Development, and Innovation (NKFIH), a successful board model was made at the university.

Following the signing of the contract with the inventors and the University of Óbuda (14 July 2021), the mass ventilation system will be further developed into a commercial medical product by MEDICOR Zrt., a 100% Hungarian-owned, experienced medical device manufacturer, deservedly world-famous with a 100-year history, and by the previous civil and business sponsors of the project.

According to MEDICOR, a prototype is under construction, and finally, a licensed, commercial medical device is being developed and that will make the MASSVENTIL® Mass Ventilator System available to patients worldwide.

In addition to vaccinations and individual ventilators, in the future, the new patented invention with the protected MASSVENTIL® brand name will also be a useful and effective health protection tool in the fight against epidemics.